Independent analysis

In 2021, with the support of the PMF Foundation, we engaged dandolo partners to articulate the program’s evidence of impact to assist with development and growth of the program. 

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Engagement wellbeing

Wellbeing and engagement

Hands on Learning provides an enabling space to build confidence and the support to stay connected and engage at school by finding a sense of meaning and purpose in the tasks undertaken.

Social and emotional learning

Hands on Learning supports students to develop the social and emotional capabilities essential to understanding themselves and others, and managing their relationships, lives, and learning more effectively. This Review conducted by the Monash University Centre for Youth Policy and Education Practice demonstrates the link between HoL and SEL. 

 Hands on Learning program impact data demonstrates this in practice.

Positive pathways

Ultimately Hands on Learning provides students with the conditions to flourish and an opportunity to succeed. 95 % of Hands on Learning students: finish school, get an apprenticeship, or get a job.

Socio economic return

Hands on Learning has been found to offer incredible returns on investment. In 2012 Deloitte Access Economics found HoL demonstrated that it is a successful and sustainable method for reengaging students with schooling reporting a $12 return to every $1 of investment. In 2021, as part of dandolo partners independent analysis, HoL was found to break even on investment when 1.1% of the entire secondary student cohort that year were prevented from early school leaving.

Global recognition hundrED

Global recognition

Hands on Learning has been included in the Top 100 Global Collection by Finnish education non-profit HundrED as an inspiring education program that is innovative, impactful, and scalable.

Focused research

Read case studies, research and policy papers from The University of Melbourne, dandolo partners, Deloitte Access Economics, Victoria University, the Australian Research Council, the Victorian Education Department and more.

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