Do you have a one page summary of information about Hands On Learning?

Yes it can be downloaded here

Who can join and what’s expected?

Any student can benefit.  HoL is open to girls and boys from different year levels with different talents, needs and interests.  Like any workplace everyone is expected to be safe, part of a team and to do the best they can.

How does HoL work?

HoL takes ten students out of class one day a week fostering teamwork and leadership.  Students and artisan-teachers share breakfast and lunch and work together to create valuable structures for the school and community.

How does my child get to do Hands On Learning?

Students are referred by year level co-ordinators, school leadership teams and student wellbeing staff.  Many students also request their names are added to waiting lists to join HoL.


How will my child benefit?

Students develop critical skills and abilities to succeed in work and life in the 21st Century:

  • collaboration
  • problem solving
  • communication
  • resilience
  • empathy
  • creativity

Self-esteem, friendships, and a sense of belonging grow as students become more content at school.  Motivation, focus and the ability to set goals increase when they return to class – building the platform for improvements in literacy and numeracy.

My child is behind with their school work, won’t that get worse with a day out of the classroom every week?

Disengaging students find it hard to concentrate and absorb what is happening in class.  Most report a break from the classroom one day a week is refreshing.  The opportunity to succeed in a different environment builds self-belief and confidence making their time back in the classroom more effective.