who we are

who we are

Hands On Learning (HoL) is a innovative education program that schools use to cater to the different ways young people learn, giving participants the hope and aspiration to stay at school and realize their potential. We support schools to run the proven HoL methodology by delivering quality assurance, ongoing training and development of a specialist … Read More

how we work

THE HANDS ON LEARNING PROGRAM Hands On Learning (HoL) is an innovative education program that caters to the different ways young people learn. Two artisan-teachers work collaboratively with small groups of cross-age students on authentic building projects that provide a platform for students to engage, grow confidence and achieve success at school. HoL fosters strong, … Read More

our history

The Hands On Learning (HoL) program was developed by Russell Kerr in 1999 as a response to many years witnessing struggling students, or those with different learning styles, written off prematurely and not given the opportunity to realize their potential. Armed with the philosophy that a school has a responsibility to provide a stimulating environment … Read More

our supporters

Thank you to our key supporters Hands on Learning (HoL) is made possible through partnerships between the Save the Children Hands on Learning School Support Team and our partner schools.  Partner schools delivering the HoL method directly employ the artisan-teacher staff who implement the program, while Save the Children provides ongoing support to schools and artisan-teachers to … Read More

HoL Cafe

Hands on Learning Café is one of the world’s most inspiring education innovations Hands on Learning Café, has been announced by global education non-profit HundrED, as one of 100 most inspiring K12 innovations across the world. Find out more by watching this video.   HoL Café runs using the Hands on Learning methodology: • Shape of … Read More