Lakeside SC New Entrance

Projects – Lakeside SC New Entrance

It was a big year in 05 for Lakeside Secondary college. We built a rammed earth car tyre wall for the school entrance. Other than the concrete, all we used was dirt and old car tyres.

Is this a bomb site? the hands on kids make some serious mess with the mud and straw render!!

It doesnt look like much now, but the principal had the faith and we had the muscles and that was all we needed

“Do i look like a tradie or what!!”

Enjoying the fruits of our labour after a hard days work

OUR AMAZING CREW! lakeside secondary and preston north-east primary.

Not too shabby eh? Our rammed earth, recycled car tyre rendered entrance gates at lakeside secondary college. completed by students from grade 5 to year ten in about 12 school days. WELL DONE TO ALL!!

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