Lakeside SC New Entrance

Projects – Lakeside SC New Entrance

It was a big year in 05 for Lakeside Secondary college. We built a rammed earth car tyre wall for the school entrance. Other than the concrete, all we used was dirt and old car tyres.

Is this a bomb site? the hands on kids make some serious mess with the mud and straw render!!

It doesnt look like much now, but the principal had the faith and we had the muscles and that was all we needed

“Do i look like a tradie or what!!”

Enjoying the fruits of our labour after a hard days work

OUR AMAZING CREW! lakeside secondary and preston north-east primary.

Not too shabby eh? Our rammed earth, recycled car tyre rendered entrance gates at lakeside secondary college. completed by students from grade 5 to year ten in about 12 school days. WELL DONE TO ALL!!


Lakeside Canoes

Projects – Lakeside Canoes

Lino, some canvas awnings and a bunch of old pallets was all we needed to get out of town for a day on the lake in the sun!

This hot model is some old pine crate slats, some industrial lino and a dob or two  of silicone

“yeah your my friend now, but what if it sinks?”

the lakeside secondary crew as the crafts really start to take shape!

The day was hit and miss.  some boats floated but didnt move, some moved if you could get them to float!!  but above all the bbq was great, our minds and bodies were streched and we had a great time in the process.


Monterey Secondary College

Monterey Secondary College

Our beloved workshop

Experiments for the boat race

Making the boat

Ayden breaking some mosaic pieces

Working on the mosaic in situ

Part of our proud gang

You B’ Ute!

Preparing the Yin Yang mosaic

Mt Erin SC’s Hut in 3D

Plan for Mt Erin SC’s Hut


Nepean School Mosaics

Projects – Nepean School Mosaics

Frankston High School students have been making beautiful coloured mosaics to brighten up the walls of the Nepean School Sensory Garden. Linked by an animal theme the mosaics provide a bright focal point within the serenity of the garden. The last project completed by the Hands On Learning students was a slate table intersected by a river of blue, green and aqua tiles. This is a unique and creative piece of functional art.


Banksia-LaTrobe S.C. Shelter-Startup 2008

Banksia-LaTrobe S.C. Shelter-Startup 2008

The team was allowed to use some land beside the maintenance shed which we called home. Take a look at our efforts.

We would like to thank some people for helping us to settle in and get things on the go.

To all the students involved in building the shelter.  All the staff for making us welcome and making sure we could run successfully. ANSVAR Insurance, BRENDAN B. who donated heaps of building materials to build our shelter.

Check out the first and last photo bit of a difference hey!