Somerville SC HoL Table Auction

The HoL team at Somerville Secondary College have built beautiful table 2400mm long x 1010mm wide using donated reclaimed furniture grade messmate timber.

This handcrafted table is a solid testament to what a bunch of talented teenagers can achieve working together.

The team is now selling their prized work on ebay so they can purchase a priority list of specialist tools.

For more details click here.

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Rob, Dale and Seral and the HoL team at Brookside College in Caroline Springs have been working on a project to restore donated furniture for a local western suburbs charity that supports people in emergency situations like house fires, domestic violence and refugees.
The local Brimbank Leader highlighted their work in last week’s newspaper which can be read here or  here.
Kris at Brimbank
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Federal Shadow Minister for Education Kate Ellis visits our 60th HoL school

Federal Shadow Minister for Education, the Honourable Kate Ellis MP visit our 60th HoL school – Elisabeth Murdoch College – today.

2016 April 20 EMC Kate Ellis Peta Murphy visit 3
Ms Ellis was joined by local Federal Labor candidate Peta Murphy (above speaking with HoL artisan-teacher
Isobel, and one of the HoL students).

2016 April 20 EMC Kate Ellis Peta Murphy visit 1
Both politicians were impressed with the progress that the HoL team had made in turning an old shed
into a new home in such a short space of time.

Mses Ellis & Murphy spoke with the fresh HoL students, and met with Principal Dean King and Ciro Ferra,
congratulating them on their leadership in implementing HoL at the school.

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Federal Minister Birmingham visits HoL

Once again Independent Senator for Victoria John Madigan encouraged the Federal Minister for Education and Training, now Simon Birmingham, to take a hands-on approach to education when he puts on a blacksmithing workshop for the Minister and a group of Fitzroy High School (FHS) students on Tuesday 17 Nov 2015 .

The HoL program at FHS operates out of an historic W-class tram and both Senator Madigan and Minister Birmingham worked together with the students to forge a Ned Kelly helmet and tools for a pizza oven the students are building at the school.

Senator Madigan, a long-term supporter of HoL, said: “Everyone learns differently and the classroom doesn’t give all kids the chance to shine.

“HoL offers new ways to learn, engaging students who are not having a great deal of success in their traditional studies.  These kids are often good with their hands and prefer practical tasks like building and making things to being cooped up in a classroom.

“HoL gives them a sense of achievement, boosting their self-esteem, while also helping them recognize the value of what they are being taught in class.

“Most importantly, HoL gives them hope, keeping them in school longer, and helping them to develop the skills needed to succeed in our twenty first century economy. This is critical given the sometimes grim prospects of those who don’t finish high school.”

Minister Birmingham congratulated the staff and students on making such positive contributions to the school and keeping engaged with their learning.  He described HoL as “a great program keeping kids engaged with school”

Sen Madigan and Min Birmingham fhs 17 Nov 2015